Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis

Making sandwiches (and new friends) in an abandoned swimming pool.

Brought together by the universal joy of a well-endowed toasted sandwich, these Rotterdam creatives gather each month to connect with their peers and explore hidden parts of the city. Last month, we joined their culinary networking activities at Blue City- an abandoned tropical swimming pool turned circular economy incubator.

There is a nasty February storm brewing outside, but the harsh winds and pouring rain aren’t stopping this Rotterdam creative crowd from coming out tonight. Brightly colored raincoats complement the tropical surroundings, and plastic bags filled with sandwich toppings are being drawn out of tote bags and backpacks. People from all walks of life gather around the toaster irons, enjoying a cold beer and a nice conversation while sharing sandwich toppings and creative sandwich suggestions.

The event is free, the bread provided by the delicious Jordy’s Bakery. All you have to do is bring your favorite toasted sandwich toppings and an open mind.

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(Image: Minou Meijers)