Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis

Inas Al-Soqi

The role of the artist is often the one of the outsider, just on the fringes of society, looking in. Half-Palestinian, half-Romanian collage artist Inas Al-soqi has claimed this role with conviction, filling her collages with the kind of political satire unique to someone with the perspective of a permanent foreigner. Sometimes confronting, sometimes uncomfortable, always intriguing, Inas’ work is that of an astute observer, willing to point out the flaws of societies past and present. In her short residency at WOW, she delves into the hidden complications of Dutch history, and the ever-changing story of the immigrant.

When I meet Inas at WOW’s front entrance, she’s carrying a backpack with a large roll of paper. As a painter turned collage artist, paper is at the base of her art practice, although she does use different materials every now and then.

“Oh! I forgot to get sandpaper. I’m working on a wood carving right now. Do you think I can get sandpaper somewhere around here?”

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