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From zero to green in 60 seconds

We’ve all been there. A new plant from the garden centre, all bright and green, looking great on the living room table with instructions that promise easy care. But a few weeks later, leaves start drooping and despite your best efforts to sing it back to life, your new green friend starts turning brown.

Time to give up? Not quite yet! We can’t all be blessed with a natural green thumb, but with a little bit of knowledge and a good dose of dedication, anyone can get there. We’ve collected a few basic tips, tricks and two easy-going plants to help you turn your home into a bright and green urban jungle.

A few basics

To ease yourself into the urban green lifestyle, start with low-maintenance plants that can take a punch and survive while you get used to being a proper plant owner. You wouldn’t run a marathon without proper training- so practice your skills before you join the big leagues.

Here’s what you should pay attention to with your first leafy housemates:

Location: most easy-care houseplants require medium-light, meaning no direct sunlight and no dark corners. The middle of a bright room or windowsills facing east will do just fine.

Watering: Check up on your plants twice a week (or more, if you really want to get intimate) by sticking your finger in the soil. Is it completely dry? Water your plant. Is it moist? It’s best to wait a little longer as you don’t want to drown your plants. Does it feel like a mudslide in there? You’ve over-watered your plant. Keep an eye on the soil and give it a smaller drink next time.


Beginner’s plants

Our Ogreen Champ and the Ogreen Survivor got their names for a reason. They’re low maintenance, can survive in many different conditions and still work like champs to clean the air in your home. Plus, whereas most beginner’s plants might not meet your interior design standards, these two are pretty good looking too!

Ogreen Champ
This shiny and sturdy Clusia looks great in any room with its dark green and bold leaves. Should be watered once a week (after checking the soil, of course!) but can easily go without if you forget once or twice. If you notice any brown or grey spots on the leaves, it’s usually a result of overwatering (keep checking the soil!) If they start turning yellow, your Champ is getting too much sun- he prefers medium-light conditions: a bright spot, but away from direct sunlight.

The temperature in your house should be 15 degrees minimum- and the more you take care of your Champ, the better he’ll work to clean the air!

Ogreen Survivor
The camouflage-patterned leaves will create a true urban jungle. This Aglaonema’s origins are the undergrowth of a tropical rainforest, so he’s not a fan of direct sunlight. A bright spot away from your windows will do just fine.

Like a real survivor, he can easily go a week without water and does not enjoy overwatering. Perfect for those who tend to forget every now and then. As a tropical plant, its ideal temperatures are around 20, 25 degrees. Because he’s a slow grower, there won’t be any need for repotting until long after you’ve become a plant master.

Images: Beeldsteil

Originally published by Ogreen