Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis

Finger your plants

Plants are alive. The words are painted across a forest-green truck in New York City. From a distance, it looks like your average food truck, catering to hungry city-folk on the go. But Tulita, as the truck is affectionately called, caters to a different kind of hunger. The desire of being closer to nature, of wanting to surround yourself with plants and flowers, breathe in the scent of a blooming peony and take a step back from your concrete surroundings. It’s a desire many of us experience these days, but only a few know how to really handle plants and make it work. That’s where Tula comes in. Owners Christan and Ivan, both veterans of the advertising world, refocused their creativity on plant education by combining design with their extensive knowledge of plant care. The couple have a showroom and drive around the city on the weekends, introducing New Yorkers to the enormous but satisfying task of proper plant care.

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(image: Corey Olson)